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Four Wood Energy Partners LLC

Four Wood Energy Partners LLC (“FWEP”) is a subsidiary of Four Wood Capital Partners LLC (FWCP”) and was formed in 2014 through FWCP’s acquisition of Homeland Energy Inc. to serve as the firm’s energy and infrastructure platform.  FWEP acts as manager and investor and, at times, as an active operator in select transactions across energy and infrastructure sectors.

FWEP and its operating partners have been responsible for mineral acquisition, drilling operations, and disposal of waste water products for the oil and gas industry for over 120 cumulative years, including predecessor firms.  Senior management at FWEP has been responsible for the origination, purchase, development, contracting, drilling, lease and sale of over $5 billion in energy transactions in a variety of U.S. energy plays including, but not limited to, the Marcellus, Utica, Bakken, Mid-Continent, Eagle Ford, and Permian Basin.

FWEP’s differentiated approach includes leveraging the operating team’s extensive experience across oil and gas operations and financial markets, unmatched proprietary sourcing capabilities, and a strong national presence paired with a local operating model across major US energy plays.  FWEP’s portfolio maintains exposure to high quality real assets including salt water disposal wells through SWD Enterprises LLC, upstream E&P projects, transport assets and downstream infrastructure initiatives.


About GRIT Energy Services, Inc.

GRIT Energy Services, Inc. (“GRIT”) is a subsidiary of FWCP and is a Bakken-based field services company providing execution across a wide range of energy infrastructure projects, pipeline construction and related roustabout work to leading E&P customers needing an experienced, flexible workforce capable of scaling with their capital investments and drilling programs in the region.

GRIT Energy Services provides the oil & gas industry with qualified human resources and equipment to design, develop, deploy, upgrade, and maintain pipeline, salt water disposals and other oil & gas construction and continued maintenance needs. Our construction experts and laborers have been instrumental in the route selection, design, providing architectural and engineering services, acquisition of right of way and surface pad locations, construction and maintenance of drilling and development pads, installation and maintenance of all types of pipeline, waste water disposal equipment and SCADA controls.


About SWD Enterprises LLC

SWD Enterprises LLC is an affiliate of Four Wood Energy Partners LLC focused on the aggregation of salt water disposal wells and related pipeline, gathering systems and disposal facilities including solid waste disposal, production water and related infrastructure and transport assets serving the U.S. oil and gas business through the development, sourcing, acquisition, integration, and management of such facilities.

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